Fancy-Q Centerpieces

We recently signed a lovely bride who is having a fabulous "Fancy-Q" wedding this fall!  She and I are working together to create an atmosphere of a down-home relaxed BBQ with classy up-town flair. As I worked on her mock-up, I wanted to do a variation of the flowers for our DIY Thursday blog posting!

In order to be budget friendly, I chose seasonal flowers at the wholesale market.  I love the way a mixture of flowers in the most simple of containers can still appear so upscale.  To accomplish this DIY you will need: a variety of season flowers, mason jars, paper ribbon, and a little bit of sass!

Step One

he first steps of the process involved prepping the florals and unwinding the paper ribbon.  Be careful when using the paper ribbon because it tends to be a bit fussy and can tear easily as you unwind it.

Step Two

Next, arrange the flowers in the mason jars as you like making sure to always use an odd number of each flower.  This is supposed to appear as if they were hand picked from your garden, so don't stress too much about where they fall.  Finish this off with some colored water and floating candles to add a touch of warmth to the centerpiece.  

Step Three

Eventfully yours,